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"Chromatic landscape" is out, the first album of "Marco Sinopoli Extradiction" produced in collaboration with "Toto sound records" and "Parco della Musica Records".

The “Marco Sinopoli Extradiction” project was born from a meeting between modern jazz and composition. An ensemble in which the evocative timbre of the woodwind trio (flute, clarinet and bassoon) and the fast pace of the jazz quartet converge in a particular and refined sound, between written and improvised notes. The result is a multi-faceted music, with dense rhythmic and melodic joints, united in a refined but extremely communicative and engaging harmony, in which different musical styles intertwine towards a single direction.

Marco Sinopoli - guitar

Bruno Paolo Lombardi-flute

Luca Cipriano-clarinet

Fabio Gianolla-bassoon

Alessandro Gwis-piano

Toto Giornelli-bass

Alessandro Marzi -drum


Their first album "Chromatic landscape" will be released soon, produced in collaboration with "Toto sound" and "Parco della Musica Records".

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