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Currently based in Rome he operates on global scale producing different types of music for media and artistics projects.

He works stably from many years with Bvlgari producing musics for the High end jewelry for several collections of products such as “Viper”, “Serpenti”, “Gemme”, “Diva’s Dream”, “Fiorever” and “Octo”, featuring videos with orchestral and electronic music.

At the same time he collaborate many times with “L’Oreal China” for several advertising with the great Chinese star of cinema Gong Li with “Revitalift”, “Age perfect Peony”, Oil Nourish and others, creating also the TV advertising for the China New Year.


He collaborated also with Chanel and other brands composing at the same time many music for RAI documentary and many important Classical  and Jazz music institutions.

Marco Sinopoli "Serpenti"
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